Our Values


You Are the Company You Keep.

TSP is a company built on professional relationships which are deeply rooted in trust, confidentiality, loyalty and expertise in the industry. Clients seek our services when they need an executive whose experience, attitude and goals are aligned with their own company culture. Understanding the nuance of these details matter. We are successful when clients view us as strategic partners, appreciate our experience, and trust our work.


We Deal with People, Not Resources.

We deal with people, not resources. We believe it is important to understand our candidates beyond the resume and determine how they may or may not align with our clients' business goals. Our highly targeted search approach combines technology with old world communication, which saves our clients enormous time not sifting through the haystack of resumes submitted through your postings or other sources that rely on the numbers game. 


Your Story Becomes Our Story.

We are engaged to research, entice, interview, verify and present qualified candidates for your consideration. We do not work on dozens of searches at once, hoping volume will make up for the client engagements that miss the mark. Instead, we focus our attention on your search--your story-- a commitment we make to you in return for your company's commitment to partner with us so we may collaborate to help you achieve your business goals.